Anchor Inn Restaurant Review by jackie


Located Chalong, Phuket , Thailand not far from Chalong Pier and Chalong Traffic Circle. This my favorite restaurant for western food.

Highly recommend. Great food or good portions. Staff is friendly and prices moderate.

The one negative is off the road to the pier and traffic noises. Also poor parking but it is worth the negatives for the food.

Upstairs in the evening but i much prefere eating downstairs. Nice atmosphere.

In the evening is crowded.


My favorite fish is Schnitzel Anchor Inn. Comes with a large salad. 250 baht.

The Thai food is also very good.

Free WiFi

Hours 8am to 2200 everyday of the week.

Phone 076281329

For a Google map click here

Jackie Littletaylor Photography

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Rawai Phuket Island Thailand About part 1 of 2 by jackie littletaylor


Rawai Phuket Island Thailand

Part 1 of 2 part series

Rawai Landing Pier HDR Rawai Landing Pier HDR

Information from wikipedia

Rawai is located at the southern tip of Phuket. It is much less touristy than nearby Kata and Patong beaches and an excellent place to experience some real Thai culture. This palm-fringed beach is best known for sea gypsies, a formerly nomadic fishing minority believed to be of Melanesian descent.

To see:

Phuket Sea Shell Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์เปลือกหอยภูเก็ต). The emphasis is on shells from Thai waters, which are among the most sought-after by collectors, however shells from every part of the world are featured. There are numerous rarities and freaks including the world’s largest golden pearl (140 karats), large sections of sedimentary rock containing shell fossils, and a shell that weighs 250 kilograms. The museum is open daily from 08:00 till 17:30. Admission is 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children. Tel: 0 7661 3666, 0 7661…

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Laem Sing Beach Phuket Thailand small beach away from crowds and my favorite with a camera


Laem Sing or Singh  is a small beach located on Phuket Island west coast Thailand.  Located between between larger and more popular beaches of Kamala and Surin.  There is a small parking area off the road, then walk down the steps to the beach. You can see Laem Sing from the view point off the road.  There was a storm and washed some of the beach away but still  a small beach there. I like it because few people go there but more for taking photos , with sunsets, boulders, waves, tropical trees.  Here is a map. During the rainy season often the currents are strong so always be careful swimming. I prefer when taking photos the wind and clouds and late in the evening.  But even during rainy season, lot of sunny days good for swimming. There are a few little places to eat on the beach…

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Surin Beach lovely beach and nice areas under the tropical trees for a camera Thailand by jackie littletaylor


Surin Beach lovely beach and nice areas under the tropical trees for a camera Thailand

Kamala Beach evening Kamala Beach evening

I really beautiful beach for swimming and has good dining and with the tropical trees and great beach facing west gives you plenty to photography. Located Phuket Island ThailandMAP.  Thai government  have just forced the beach bars that were on the actual beach to move off which gives more beach and sand area under the tropical trees.  Still plenty of great places to eat and drink and relax.  I like the evening with the sunsetting and taking people enjoy live and use a slow shutter and tripod.  For a great source of info for Phuket Thailand I recommend Phuket 101 written by Willy Thuan.  To see my Fine Art Collection of Surin Beach. . There is a beach bar that has beautiful area under the…

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Crazy Bar at Kamala Phuket Thailand by jackie littletaylor


Crazy Bar at  Kamala  Phuket Thailand

Crazy Bar Kamala Phuket Thailand 2 Crazy Bar Kamala Phuket Thailand 2

What a fun place with fun people and good drinks. Pool table and free wifi with friendly girls and always expats to talk with.   Located Kamala Phuket Island, Thailand right off the main road from Patong.  MAP     Another great place to eat is Boomers Cafe and Bar   Looking for a place to stayVilla Lila 

Travel Insurance

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Villa Lila Kamala Phuket Thailand What a great place for families and Friends to stay by jackie littletaylor


Villa Lila Kamala Phuket Thailand  What a great place for families and Friends

Villa Lila Kamala Phuket Thailand Villa Lila Kamala Phuket Thailand

Located Kamala On Phuket Island not far from Kamala Beach.  My friend rented the Villa for couple weeks for 3 families and we all had a great time. Across the street an american cafe and bar and close are several other good cafes and small stores. Also a car rental and motorbike rental.  Villa Lila is just a really nice place to stay with privacy, pool, and the owner maintains the property with a maid that comes in everyday!  Visit their web site Villa Lila   for more photos and to make a reservation.  Description from Villa Lila site “Villa Lila is a walled, self-catering property consisting of five separate pavilions, housing three bedrooms, a saltwater swimming pool, a fish pond and a sala, amid frangipanis and lush vegetation. The grounds occupy about…

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Phuket Country Home Pool review by jackie


Very nice pool, clean with food etc all there.

I found out this pool has been here a long time. Kinda out of the way and can be missed. But worth the patience to find.

I went early afternoon and was the only person. I plan on going often for the exercise. The large pool design for laps and depth is perfect. The clorine level was acceptable . Place is well maintained and very clean. Has a shop , eats, restrooms, shower all there.

Fee are 70 baht adult and 50 baht children. They do require swimsuit. Can not bring drinks or food from outside. They do have a snack shop.

Their is a child pool. Also outdoor shower and restrooms.

Hours 9 to 2100

Open everyday except Thursday.

Phone 0860310993

Located off Choafa road East.

Click here to go to Google Map.

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Human Trafficking and Slavery SE Asia


We will be writing more about this with resources and help .

Human Trafficking and Slavery. Sex and Labor SE Asia

Listing NGO and help lines.

Will write about each SE Asia country . Next though will be a listing of NGO to inform and to help those caught in the horror of being trafficked and slavery.

Women children and men. Labor and sex.

What can we do?

Estimated 21 million people trapped and some say up to 30 million. It is world wide.

Please go to our page and give us a like.

Please share to help !!

If you have a story or know someone that needs help. Please contact us . We are now building a list of resources.

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